Jeffrey M. Zalusky

Jeff has a long and occasionally tedious history, which he’ll gladly share with you if you let him.  You have been warned.

After discovering at an early age that he had a certain affinity for using technology to generate gainful employment, Jeff gave up a promising yet hopeless career in the fine arts to explore various forms of servitude, first as an employee of a large hospital, then at a large bank and finally with a succession of accounting/consulting firms, all before deciding that the day-to-day uncertainty of operating as a sole-prop IT and security business somehow made more sense.  As such, he is currently President and CEO of Chrysalis, Inc., which generates enough revenue to pay for his wine and travel expenses as he teeters towards notional retirement. 

Jeff was a long-time member of ACUTE, and was part of the small but dedicated team that turned ACUTE into the Information Technology Alliance (ITA) in 1997.  Along the way, he formed lifelong relationships with the folks that now bring you The Phoenix Society.

Jeff lives in Germantown and Cobb Island, Maryland with wife Katy, random cats and the two of four adult children who are still working on their specific plans to help him fulfill his objective to become a true empty-nester.  In addition to wine and travel, Jeff enjoys reading (both fiction and non, across a wide and esoteric range), writing and drawing, crossword puzzles, photography, cooking (helps with the wine thing) and being on or in the water.  He can be reached at  Again, you have been warned.