Rondol E. Eagle (Ron)

Ron is a long time veteran of the CPA/Tech world, having started his career in 1969 as a staff accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co in Charlotte NC. Two busy seasons later he was asked to transfer into the Consulting wing of AA&Co, and thus began his long, and notable, career in the world of middle market technology consulting and delivery of software package solutions.

Over the next 40+ years, with a short six year stint in the corporate world that included living and working in Japan for two years, Ron was involved in starting, and or turning around, and building the consulting practices at three of the county’s largest regional accounting firms. To cap his long career, he was a key member of a startup team that consolidated regional CPA practices into what was to become the 12th largest CPA firm in the nation. 

In addition to his client practice focused efforts, Ron was also active in the accounting and consulting industry, joining ACUTE in 1988 and becoming its President in 1994, holding several technology committee positions within the AICPA, and starting ACUTE’s successor organization, The Information Technology Alliance (ITA), in 1997. These efforts earned him recognition as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Accounting Industry” in four different years. He was also the cover subject of one of the industry’s leading national magazines on two different occasions.

Having retired in 2012 from being ITA’s President and Chairman (now Emeritus) after fifteen years of leading the Association, Ron focused on providing mentoring and outside counsel services to several of his “working days” colleagues in an effort to remain close to his many professional friends. While somewhat satisfying, Ron realized his efforts were falling well short of staying in touch with the majority of people he wanted to continue to see. So, with that challenge in mind, Ron approached the key people who had originally helped to found the ITA to share the idea of creating a new non-profit Association that would better facilitate the process of keeping retired professionals in contact with one another. The result, the launch of The Phoenix Society.