I’m not a total Geek

Dreaming in Paradise by Mary

Each day I do my best because I know life is fleeting.
And at night as I lie to rest, I sense my heart beating.

My mind saunters off to sleep and I feel content.
Eyes closed, and before me is a creation from years of intent.

My dream is of butterflies fluttering without a sound.
To me, it’s a metaphor of life and my feet move on the ground.

Lungs joyfully expand and contract with a sigh from my voice.
This vision of love and kindness makes me want to rejoice!

The past is past, I cannot change the path behind me.
What I feel now even as I sleep, the present, is my gift to see.

I look up and down, feel the ground as butterflies kiss my cheek.
Smiling, in front of me is a path I alone choose to seek.

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